Summer hurts like a bitch

So I go to Univeristy in 9 days, i'm actually nearly ready. Okay, who am i kidding? i'm so far behind.
My summer project consists of a few pages, but it'll work out okay, i'm sure of it. I've been working full time over the summer so updates have been poor. But i'm hoping that uni will allow me more time to carry this journal on, I truly love doing it.

9 days and things will start to appear.
Oh, and my mum is getting married on halloween, so there's so many textures lying around my house for you all. I'll steal them soon :)

College Work

As I've been away for so long, I thought it was time to first update this place with a few of my most recent pieces of work. These are all based on the death of my 19 year old brother, and the poem by Linda Ellis which was read out at his funeral. To read the full poem you can go here. I would recommend all reading it before you look at the work, it makes more sense after.

preview image

view the full album here

still writing...

This time I actually post with resources so let me get straight to the point. This first pack is made up of bright wall colours, as Summer is coming I thought this would brighten your icons up. The textures are all 100x100 so perfect for those little pieces of art I know you lot make.
As always i appreciate all of the kind comments. To those who would like image packs of previous brushes please make sure you:
check my newer posts as I know i posted with a whole bunch of re-up loads and image packs. If you still don't find it let me know and i'll make one up for you.
Comment, Credit, Enjoy!

edit: .zip


Hayley, Hayley, Hayley

These are the results to the Poll "Which resource do you prefer?". As you can see Textures were in the lead by the majority '(55.3% / 26 votes)', followed by Brushes '(38.3% / 18 votes)', Patterns were way back at '(4.3% / 2 votes)' and lastly Other '(2.1% / 1 votes)' got one vote.
Luckly my main source of resource came first which is great. In total there were 47 votes with 100 views, which is really great, and thankyou to all those who took the time to vote.
I will post another poll as soon as I think of something worthwhile, maybe get to know visitors more?

Back to the resources I have started to make some icons again, well post them at least. Hayley Williams is the first up I didn't make too many but there are enough to post, 12 in total so have a look. 4 The Hush Sound icons.
I haven't got a lot of time to make a big batch up so I created this quick texture, I might make some more before the night ends. Smudges, Lightning, Splatter and Dirt hopefully useful at some point.
Comment, Credit, Enjoy!

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New Poll

I added a poll to the sidebar (near the bottom) and I would be very grateful if you could all fill it out when you visit the site. It'll only take a few seconds and would help me out hugely, the poll ends on 6th January and will then be replaced with another poll.
This is a small post with a pack of brushes all drawn with pencil, everything in the preview is a brush (except the text) so you can get some really good use out of them.
The second pack are large textures with vibrant colours made with paints. You may turn them into 100x100 textures if you wish, but a link back to this post is required.
note: brushes are scaled down for preview
Comment, Credit, Enjoy

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Merry Christmas

Well I'm back in time for christmas and I come in the form of a slightly slimmer Santa. 7 large scratch textures, because can we really have enough of these?
The second set is a pattern pack (which we haven't had in a while) featuring large paper patterns, I use these in my work all the time so they are very useful. They're in PAT format, if Imagepacks are wanted then I will be glad to add one.
New layout as well, there will be a header of some kind eventually but at the moment I'm happy with it.
Comment, Credit, Enjoy!

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Quick quick

College is back on which again means: lack of posts. I made this pack a while ago, set is a friends only but forgot i haven't added anyone as friends :\ So here it is again for public use.
I'm working on a new project in College, where new brushes are needed so i'll probably make some and then upload them for you lovely lj-users to

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New resources; this set contains 3 different packs, the first is the usual 30 textures, with pen/colour themed 100x100 images. I've already created a wonderful set of icons with them, so i'm sure you talented lot can make use of them.
The second pack is a massive pattern/background, it's paper with paint spludges all over it, i'm actually in love with. Then there is a linedcard pattern, which also turned out really well. For those who aren't friends with this journal, i've posted a new texture pack containing 40 nu rave textures. again, friends only.
Same rules apply; comment, credit.

[30] Burst of colour textures
[02] Large textures


Long time not post

Sorry for the lack of updates, I injured my shoulder whilst on holiday and i've had to try and get it better as it's effecting college and I have a lot of essays to write.
Two new packs the first is a texture pack which has mainly dirty, grey textures with splash brushes all over them. The other is a text pack, but there not small, they're large so you can actually get some use out of them. Enjoy

[01] Black and grey texture pack
[01] texttext brush pack

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